NASA Scientists Baffled By Mysterious Strange Shapes Found In The Arctic


Nasa scientists have been mystified by the strange circle shapes that appear in the Arctic. A photograph taken by the NASA plane as it flew over the Arctic, shows the ovals that have been located in the ice of the Arctic. Most of the researchers say that they have never seen anything like this before. Identifying the reason behind the formation of these circles is also difficult to understand. Observing the pictures of the strange shapes in arctic leave, these scientists puzzled.

The main purpose of the said mission is to look for another part of the sea ice. However, it was unexpectedly captured by the scientist that strange shapes that appear to be circles or ovals. They captured the strange areas while they were flying in the area. The unexplainable features of the shapes led them to massive confusion and some speculations about the reason behind their formation.

According to one of the scientist during the flyover, John Sonntag, they saw these circular features only for a few minutes, and they didn’t see these strange circles anywhere else in the Arctic. Researchers from around the world have been asked as well about these strange shapes and the real reason for their existence. Some guessed, for instance, that they could be formed by mammals like seals which needs to break these ice to breathe.

“The encircling features may be the cause of waves water washing out over the ice and snow when the seals surface,” said Walt Meier, the scientist at the National Snow and Ice Data Center. He also mentioned the possibility of the drainage feature that may result in the creation of these holes. Another speculation also suggests that the holes are created by warm springs which leap out of the water from under the ice.

Some speculations also said that these holes are water and there is a great chance that the warm springs that seep into the ground that flows from the mountain island make the presence of this particular area. Chris Shuman, a glaciologist based at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center also said, “The possibility of the existence of these strange shapes is the warmer water from the Beaufort currents where it is finding its way to the exterior and due to the interaction with the bathymetry where some polynyas form.” Though there are lots of speculations about the real reason behind these strange shapes in the Arctic, scientists are still puzzled.

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